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Make Your Home Your Favorite Restaurant

What happens when you combine decades of culinary experience with an integrative nutrition health coach certification? You get a private chef that is second to none. Chef Maii combines extraordinary culinary skills with a love of creating meals using top quality ingredients.

As your Florida Private Chef, Chef Maii will tailor weekly menus to suit your unique health and lifestyle needs. Each menu Chef Maii creates is focused on utilizing fresh, organic, and local produce and proteins, producing dishes that not only taste great, but are also healthy. 

Chef Maii brings many special skillsets to the table: from sourcing, to plating, to presentation. She has an exceptional eye and an artistic touch when serving her clients - giving new meaning to the adage from the Roman Gourmand Apicius, "We first eat with our eyes." 


With one bite of Chef Maii's cuisine from the comforts of your own home, you'll never want to go out to eat again.  

Client Testimonials

image (1).jpeg

Chef Maii has been such a joy to work with! She is such a talented and great chef - I've benefitted greatly from her wisdom on cooking, eating, and living well!  

— B. Berry

image 30.jpeg

I can't thank Chef Maii enough for all of her nutritional guidance, the ability to accommodate 

our every desire, and her sheer willingness to go all the way above and beyond. 

— C. French

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