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Florida Private Chef

With over 30 years working on private and chartered yachts, as well as a variety of private estates, Chef Maii offers a world class dining experience within the comforts of your own home. In addition to being an award-winning chef, Chef Maii is a certified Health Coach who can accommodate any client’s unique dietary needs and lifestyles. Chef Maii's approach to cuisine marries fresh, local, and organic ingredients, with a focus on flavor and nutrition. Her highly-skilled technical abilities, combined with a finely-honed touch for hosting, plating, and presentation, make her the ideal fit for dynamic clients who are seeking the best private chef to manage their yacht or estate kitchens. With one bite of her craftsmanship, you’ll see why she was awarded first place at a culinary competition two years in a row!

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Chef Maii

From a young age, Chef Maii was fascinated by food — making it, serving it, and enjoying it! Her focus has always been on meals that combine beautiful, healthy ingredients with fresh flavors. Furthermore, she has also been driven to understand the relationship between what we consume and our health — and how we can heal our bodies through eating whole foods.

This curiosity led her to study in a top culinary program where she learned about sourcing high-quality ingredients, how to utilize classic techniques, and the art of exceptional service. Upon graduating, Chef Maii was eager to hone her new-found skills on the high seas by beginning her culinary career as part of a professional yacht crew. While serving as a yacht chef, she was able to marry her love of the ocean (both sailing and snorkeling!), with her passion for cuisine.

After working on the water for many years, which included serving top-tier clients, receiving her captain's license, and winning multiple awards, Chef Maii transitioned to work onshore as an estate chef. This shift gave her the opportunity to travel to new destinations and to form deeper relationships with her clients by managing their estate kitchens.


Today, Chef Maii brings this unique set of experiences and skill sets to the table, along with her certification as a health coach. You cannot find another private chef in the area who has a background like hers. With one bite of Chef Maii’s cuisine, you’ll see why she’s like no other — on land, or on sea!

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